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Demonstrate your ability to be in control

Whatever the Conditions

Whatever the Weather

Whatever the vehicle

These are hallmarks of an Advanced Driver.

Founded in 1978, the RoSPA Advanced Drivers West Midlands Group continues to help drivers to improve their skills and knowledge. The group has members from all walks of life and of all ages. If you have an interest in improving your driving and road safety advanced driving is for you.


Membership of the group is open to any driver with a full driving licence. The membership categories are:


A member new to the group who is undergoing training to take the RoSPA test.


Having passed the test, membership is automatically changed to full.


Members who wish to support the group and receive the newsletter and be invited to events but not undertake the actual test. 

On Joining

On joining the group you will be supplied with the latest versions of the “Roadcraft” book and the Highway Code. You will be able to attend the next monthly meeting, where an initial assessment of your driving will be carried out. After this you will be assigned a personal tutor who will arrange and plan your training at times and locations to suit you both.

Membership of the group is arranged through the Membership Secretary. E-mail or phone for more information.


RoSPA groups throughout  the country are supported by tutors who volunteer their services free of charge. Many of the tutors have full time careers, which is why training is often organised for evenings and weekends. Tutors arrange mutually convenient sessions, normally lasting around one to two hours. Training is carried out in the associates own vehicle. 

Training is carried out at your pace. Generally there is no limit to the number of drives you can receive, but as a guide most drivers are able to attain test standard with between six and twelve sessions. After the test members are still able to receive refresher sessions as required. You may wish to become a tutor yourself.

All groups tutors are authorised by RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR). They have passed the advanced driving test and then undertaken further training to pass on their knowledge to other associates. Like all full members they retest every three years.

The West Midlands group is fortunate to have an unusually high number of tutors who have the RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving Tuition, the highest civilian qualification in the UK.

The Test

Your examiner will do their best to put you at your ease and ensure you have nothing to worry about. After all they are there to help you improve your existing skills, not see if you are safe to be allowed out on your own as with the learner test.

The drive lasts around 90 minutes and your overall performance is assessed. This includes how you use the controls, smoothness, response to the environment etc. on all types of roads. The examiner will tell you how well you have done at the end. The grading levels are bronze, silver and gold. In order to maintain the standard, a retest is undertaken  every 3 years after a silver or gold pass, and after 1 year for a bronze pass.